How it works

At its heart our system is designed for you to provide online lessons and courses, for which you will provide tailored feedback and grading to individual students. The approach bridges the gap between self guided student online learning and teacher guided lessons.

As a teacher, you pick your chosen topic, create your course and upload your content, coursework, quizzes, essay questions. Our systems will accept almost any file type, we suggest that you upload you videos to YouTube as a private link and then paste that link to the site so that they videos will play more easily and faster on almost any device.

As a teacher, you pick your chosen topic, create your course and upload your content, coursework, quizzes, essay questions. Our systems will accept almost any file type, we suggest that you upload you videos to YouTube as a private link and then paste that link to the site so that they videos will play more easily and faster on almost any device.

Once your course is up and running, add your description and include the time that you will be able to provide to the student for feedback and questions on your content or broader questions relating to the overall subject. Add a price that you are willing to offer the course for and the time scale that the course should be completed in, the number of students you are willing to accept at any one time and you are all set to accept your first enrolees.

Once students enrol you will be emailed and the student will begin the course, any essay or long answer questions will be sent automatically to you. Ideally you should attempt to mark work as soon as possible but in general we suggest that you take no longer than 72 hours before sending your feedback. The aim is to keep the momentum of the student going and engaged in your content, after all the student will rate your course and performance at the end of the course

So you are not tech savvy, do not worry we have you covered for a small fee we can upload all your content to our platform for you.  You focus on the teaching and we will focus on getting students for you.

protecting teachers and their online profile.  Before you can produce any online content you must provide us with proof of your identity and make a payment through our online payment system.  You will be required to provide the following;

  • Valid ID – photo of passport or drivers licence
  • Completed online registration form
  • Details of the school you currently teach at – we may contact your school to confirm your identity but will not divulge the nature of our activities. (We do not accept any non-teachers on our platform).
  • Payment of registration fee through our portal with a card registered to you – £10.
  • Our team may request a further video call to confirm your identity.

We only want dedicated, motivated teachers providing courses to our students, by charging a small fee we ensure that each teacher is motivated to launch their own courses and begin teaching.

Teachers and Students – Click here for more info – This will take you to the Affiliate Program page

We suggest identifying yourself by your username, first or last name or nick name, only and not by your full name.  Also please avoid giving too many details about yourself and your identity such as the school you teach at, where you live, your family etc.  We aim to adhere strictly to the government guidelines on keeping Children safe in Education and as such we encourage you to keep your personal lives and details to yourself.  Any inappropriate behaviour will be flagged and dealt with in the same manner as such behaviour would be dealt with in a school. 

Likewise, our online students are signed up by their parents and should not identify themselves or personal aspects about themselves.  Please do not encourage students to divulge their identity, if a student does so, you may flag it to our admin team so that we may alert the parents to remind their children about internet safety.

If you already know the student then, there is no reason to be concerned however the same rules with respect to providing personal details on the platform remain the same.

Producing content

Remember when producing content that the material should be as interactive and engaging as possible and students will want to ask questions which will require you to answer.  As such please be realistic on your time and the time it will take you to mark essay type questions, properly and give good feedback as well and allow time for follow up questions.  Our aim is to provide a teaching system with two way interaction not just a one way flow of information from teacher to student as is common with many online resources for learning.

SMART Goals: We strongly advise that you follow Peter Druckers work on creating motivation through SMART Goals in each course that you create

  • Specific – Keep to your advertised course or lesson plan, don’t go off topic (simple, sensible, significant).
  • Measurable – Ensure that it is clear what students will get you’re your course, do not promise the earth.  (meaningful, motivating).
  • Achievable – Results for students should be achievable, a GCSE in maths is cannot be completed in a few short hours, manage expectations and make the end goal attainable, positivity breads enthusiasm (agreed, attainable).
  • Relevant – Keeping on topic is important but remember that students are studying for exams and specific boards of education, make sure what you are teaching is relevant to the specific syllabus, (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).
  • Time bound – We suggest that all your content and lessons be time bound, if a student signs up for your course, there should be an expectation that both parties are engaged in the process in a time based manner.  Content should not be available indefinitely, and your time as a teacher should not be taken for granted.  (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive).

How much content?

We suggest breaking content up into sections and modules so that students are not overwhelmed by the size of the course.  As such if you have created the whole GSCE syllabus then you may want to offer the course as multiple parts so that students can try bite size parts of your course without having to part with funds not knowing if they will enjoy your course.

Free content?

For many it may be useful to offer free content to encourage students to try a small section of your course before they have to pay for it.  Please note that there are restrictions on how much free content may be offered to students by each teacher and on each course this is due to the fact that our platform is a teaching platform with the emphasis on interaction and feedback.

Copywrite and ownership of content

please remember that you should only publish your own content on your courses, you are soley responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate permissions to use the content you are uploading.  If you require some assistance with this please read our guide to fair use of materials to assist you with any media that you may wish to use for teaching.

For further information please refer to the government guidelines on the use of copy written information for the purposes of education; PDF how much?  Time?  Marking?  be realistic?


Years of Experience


Years of Experience


Years of Experience


Years of Experience


What can you expect in return?

Once the hard work of creating your courses / lessons are done the remaining , you are providing additional assistance to those students not at your school who may be struggling with the same material and require some additional assistance.  In return you will receive monthly payments for your work with your course enrolees, the more students you have the more income you will make.

Revenue split and monitoring your income

Every time a student enrols you will be alerted and your income for that student added to your account. Please note that you will only be paid for completed courses, ie the time frame for the student to complete the course has expired, we do this to ensure that teachers provide feedback to students in a timely manner and students are encouraged to complete the courses within the time frame. You will receive 80% of the cost of your course for each student, the balance will go to further marketing and management of the platform to increase student numbers.

Signing up other teachers

If you have colleagues that you think will be interested in signing up for the platform you will receive £3 for every introduction of a registered teacher who completes their signup.

Course costs?

So what should you charge for your course, this will require some level of judgment on your part, depending on the amount of feedback that you will be offering to students during their participation on your course.  If your course mainly has multiple choice questions then you may find it more efficient to offer your course for a lower figure to attract more students to your course.  Always remember that your students will rate your course and cost will always be a factor, so make sure that you are providing your best and show each student why you are an awesome teacher.


Course payments are made through our payment gateway, no payments should be offered or accepted by teachers directly nor should private tutoring in person be arranged on the platform.


We adhere to a strict policy of GDPR and will not sell transfer or disseminate your information to any other third party unless required by law to do so.