Parent & Student Guide

In this digital age you have so many resources available, but yet it still seems difficult to work out what is useful and what is not? You want interesting content that makes you interested in the subject but it could take hours to find the right content and even then you are not sure it is appropriate for your exam board. You want clear, interesting content that is engaging as well as tailored for your exams but not just for the sake of your exams. Or you are struggling and just need to ask a few questions to check you fully understand the content? Look no further, we have your back and connect you with a teacher who can guide and assist you.

Teaching Structure

All our course content is pre approved and vetted before going online to ensure that it is of the highest standards. Courses are written for specific boards of education and topics and may contain questions quizzes, videos, images and downloads, essay questions. Most significantly there is a qualified teacher behind each course who monitors each student and their progress though the course. Teachers are available to answer any questions and provide feedback to students on the course and content.


In this time of social distancing are you struggling to understand and explain GCSE content to your children? Long division not the same anymore? History has changed? Have you come to the realisation that teachers are the heroes of your children’s lives?

We are here to help, we have congregated an impassioned group of teachers who are willing to assist students to reach their maximum potential through a combination of online learning courses and guided teaching and feedback from actual teachers. All the advantages of private tutoring but at a fraction of the costs.


Registration is £10, we have a lot of free content so you do not need to pay any more than that if you do not want.  Other courses have a designated price to sign up to and register with that course provider.  You choose you choose the courses you want to focus on and then enrol.  Typically courses will range from £1 – £25 depending on the content and the amount of teacher time and feedback on the courses.


If you want to learn and save funds you can join our
affiliate program and generate credit for additional courses