FAQs for Students/Parents

What are the benefits of this system our FAQs:

1.Is there anonymity for Teachers?

All teachers will have to apply to have an account and provide identity documents so that we as a provider are aware of who the teacher is and where they work. Teachers on the platform however will remain anonymous and only be identified by their chosen name, ie “History Hero”, “Maths Master” etc. The advantage of this is that teachers may provide courses in a safe environment where they are not broadcasting their personal details to persons that they do not know.

2. Is there anonymity for Students?

Parents sign up for students with a credit card provided. All students will then have a similar naming system to the teachers and hence will remain anonymous to teachers as real names will not be used, this approach keeps children safe.

3. Is this Virtual Tutoring?

There are thousands of resources available for students, however engagement for remote learning is a significant challenge for most in these difficult times. Likewise for most resources students cannot ask questions nor receive feedback. For many subjects there is often no exact correct answer that can be given as a multiple choice answer where explanations are required. Our systems allows for essays and longer answers to be set in a time-bound manner which will then be marked by a real teacher giving real feedback to the student on their progress.

4. Can this help with exam preparation?

For those looking to prepare for exam conditions our system will also allow for exam type conditions where an question is provided to the student and a designated time period given, at the end of the time period the answer will automatically be sent to the teacher for assessment. This approach will allow students to practice in a time restricted environment and begin to condition themselves for the time pressure of real exams.

5. How is the contents charged?

Once a course and questions are uploaded the teacher will designate a participation cost of their choosing. If the teacher wishes to provide that content free to their own students who attend their own school they will be able to grant access to that content for free. This works in the same way as a normal learning management system for schools.

For other students who wish to undertake the course they can pay to undertake the course, this will allow teachers to benefit financially for making the best possible courses they can for everyone to enjoy.

6. Is their flexible pricing?

On the run up to exams teachers time becomes more desirable as panic sets in, our system will allow for flexible pricing to encourage advanced preparation for exams and account for demand on teachers during busy periods.

7. Can I rate the courses & teachers?

Students can rate courses as they see fit, comments will be allowed but moderated to ensure fairness.

8. How do you protect teachers and students?

All communications between teacher and student will go through the platform and be recorded on the system. As such any inappropriate language or behaviour may be flagged up immediately to the administration team for evaluation. Participants may be suspended from the platform if they do not adhere to communication guidelines. Teachers will be expected to maintain same systems as outlined in the government document “Keeping Children Safe in Education”.