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We are passionate about learning, we wish to provide the best possible learning environment for students by connecting teachers with students to provide online courses and guidance at a fraction of the cost of private tutoring.

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This website was created because of my love of learning new things. I t was not always that way though, for most of my school life I was in the bottom 25%, suffered from dyslexia and probably not the best student, as with all students I had good subjects and bad subjects.

As I have grown older I realised that very often the reason for my success or lack of success was more to do with my engagement in the subject rather than my ability to learn that subject. Once I began to find a subject interesting, I paid more attention, my grades went up and suddenly I had a subject that I was good at! But was that the case that I was good at a subject or was it merely a case of my learning experience, which altered my attitude and resulting behaviour toward that subject, the teacher and the work I had to undertake

As an adult I have studied, three university degrees, Chemistry, Law and Chinese Medicine and undertaken an MBA.  I now realise that if I can identify content that I personally find engaging then I can learn anything. 

This website aims to do just that, the most engaging learning content that works for students.  One size does not fit all, and what one student finds interesting another may find boring.  Our content is created by many teachers so that there is a huge variety of approaches so that students can choose their own way to study, ask questions and receive feedback from the actual teachers who produced the learning materials and who are passionate about the subjects they teach.

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Easy to use and great choice of courses.
Kelvin Black
From Devon
Learning from home with Awesome Teachers is Awesome!
Zasha Swan
From Hampshire
My teenagers are very happy with the responsiveness of their course teachers, helping them every step of the way.
Frank Jones
From Kent
Fantastic GSCE Courses!
Jack Brownn
From Manchester